Progress, Focus and Stuff.

It’s been a bit since last I posted, but that’s a good thing…I’ve actually been studying!

Since last time we met, I’ve picked a subject to stick to, Servicenow. This plays directly into my day to day duties. I spend a solid hour to hour and a half reading and taking notes each night, which works well for me. The act of hand writing key points has always been vital to me for making things stick.  In addition, I’ve narrowed the very broad topic of Servicenow into serviceable chunks to align with my duties as our departments de facto developer for the product, as well as additional areas to help pass the Certified System Administrator exam and topics for future projects that our area has in mind. I guess it’s true what they say, having a plan to help narrow your scope into a more manageable size does help a lot.

As I’ve finally broken the ice and taken that initial dive into formally learning a subject, it’s helped quell a lot of the excited murmuring that was going on in my head allowing me to focus and concentrate.  This has proven to be actually working in that I’m starting to see my new found knowledge rise to the surface while working on incremental projects during the day, which helps to build self esteem and prove that this whole crazy process is actually working.  While I do still get the excited trains of thought on wanting to learn everything, all at once, I’ve at least kept those thoughts cornered to one subject area. As I begin to understand certain aspects of the system, I start to get big ideas on things I could build within the system to benefit the department, as well as the company. Which is nice.   Butt, I have to keep myself on track as there currently is no bandwidth to add on new projects and ideas.  There’s a lot of projects to be dealt with that are already starting to move. That’s not to say I can’t write these big ideas down and continue to tinker with them as exercises in the study material though.

In addition to the bandwidth problem, I believe I’ve picked a well focused line to pursue on my personal study track.

For starters, I went through the two part Servicenow Basics, which was good for fine tuning the knowledge I’ve gathered on my own.  While I’ve now got a good four to five months of experience in the system, and a class that was a bit more advanced that I was prepared for at the time under my belt, I still found myself fuzzy on a lot of terminology within the system.  This helped a lot with the working knowledge I had and helped focus my energy into concentrating on ways to make the current system better.

Currently, I’m taking a deep dive on the Service Catalog portion of the platform, which ties directly into the product that we are now using in Production.  This serves two purposes; getting to know our current system better as well as learning new ways to streamline the system and support issues that arise.  This has been a boon, as it has shown the most direct benefits to my work environment.  I have the added bonus of this material sticking rather well in the old noggin, as I have a pre-built system, and a dev environment to poke around in and compare notes on what I see every day, and what the book is telling me. This all boosts my confidence in the system and my skills and helps to make me more efficient, both of which are essential.

After that, I have around five solid topics within Servicenow to follow up with, all areas that will tie directly into my current workload as well as future projects.  To pair with this, I’ve set the goal of passing the Servicenow Certified System Administrator exam, sometime before I head off to Knowledge 17 in May, where I’ll be able to drown myself in all things Servicenow and development!  The idea is to have a solid working base of skills and understanding to enable me to maximize the learning I plan on doing there.

As the great Jimmy James once said, “Jimmy has fancy plans, and pants to match.”

In the end, I hope to follow all of this up with the Certified Developer Certification upon my return, just to have that nice fuzzy little feather in my cap as I set off on this new journey of mine. Self esteem has long been a challenge, so some reachable goals a lot the way will do wonders as I move forward.





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